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Corn Cannon

Corn Cannon

This is an ideal game for farm parks and attractions and suitable for all the family.

Fire corn cobs high into the sky and aim at the field of your chosen targets. Competition is fierce as players stand together along a line of cannons, blasting yellow cobs through the air. The Corn Cannon can even be modified to fire tennis balls for those times when corns aren't available, making it a year round crowd puller.

Never before have corn cobs been so exciting or addictive!

 How does it work?

One to two Corn Cannons require a minimum of a 100ltr 7 bar air compressor. Two to four cannons require a minimum of a 250ltr 7 bar air compressor. For more than four Corn Cannons, compressor requirements will be provided. These calculations are based on a standard reloading time of 10 seconds per corn fired. For a maximum fire rate, a separate buffer tank may be required. This is based on potential number of patrons using the Cannon.

The Cannon needs to be plugged into a 240v 16 amp power supply. A standard 240v 16 amp connector plus 2m of cable is supplied with the Corn Cannon. The Corn Cannon is fitted with a standard male PCL air fitting.

The Corn Cannon is supplied with a single barrel only. With the perfect sized cob for the barrel, the cob has the potential to fire in excess of 150ft and up to 300ft. Smaller cobs will travel considerably less.

The Corn Cannon will need to be mounted on a 100mm diameter post fixed firmly into the ground. Stops can be fitted to the post to restrict the Corn Cannon so it only fires in a certain area.

The Corn Cannon comes with an override safety switch which allows the operator to isolate the Corn Cannon and load safely. The safety override switch will need to be used each time the Cannon is reloaded.

We will be happy to discuss any aspects of the Corn Cannon’s requirements with you.


• Standard 240v supply, 16amp socket within 1m of the Corn Cannon.
• Compressor (size dependent on the number of Cannons)
• Hose and connectors from compressor to the Cannon ending in a female PCL fitting.
• Post and fixings
• Situating of override safety switch
• Your choice of targets
• Supply of corn cobs


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