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Fear FX Consulting

The Fear FX consulting team will help you bring your idea from concept to fruition or, if you need some inspiration, we can make suggestions on themes, designs and storylines. We have devised new ways to take scares to a whole new level and have designed and created attractions both here in the UK and internationally.

We offer a free introductory consultation during which we will evaluate your demographic, target audience and environment to identify the right event elements and products in order to create a truly customized experience. Our consultation service includes advising, coaching and guiding you in all aspects and logistics of creating and running a financially successful attraction. We will provide you with all of the necessary information needed to make your event a profitable investment.

Following on from this initial consultation, we will start the design process. We'll create sketches, plans and a back story for your attraction and can undertake it all from design, fabrication to installation. Alternatively, we can support and advise you if you prefer to build the haunt yourself.   We can create a safe and comprehensive curriculum that suits your needs and is unique to your haunted attraction.

Contact Fear FX today for an informal chat and to book your free consultation.