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Dark Maze

A dark themed modular maze

Our modular maze packages are highly versatile and can be used in many ways.  Use a single module as a standalone attraction or as an extension to an existing maze.  More than one module can be bolted together in various layouts to include rat runs for actors if required to suit your venue.

Perfect as they are or why not fill them with other great scares available from our website.

All of the modules come with decorative curtains, scents, sound and lighting and are available in four distinctive themes; Circus, Military, Dark and Hospital.

The Dark maze comes complete with:

9 x 8ft x 4ft flat double sided painted panels

16 x 8ft x 4ft flat single sided painted panels

8 x cannibal curtains

8 x black doorway curtains

6 x LED wall mounted lights with strobe effect

1 x smoke machine with 5ltrs fluid

1 x smell pod with 25g themed scent

1 x wav sound player

2 x speakers

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