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Biometrix at Broadwitch Hauntfest Wins European Award

Biometrix at Broadwitch Hauntfest Wins European Award

Biometrix, an immersive scare maze entirely designed and built by Fear FX and installed at Broadditch Farm’s Broadwitch Hauntfest in Kent, has won the accolade of Europe’s Best Scare Maze in the 2015 SCAR awards from ScareCON.

We developed the back story, designed the maze layout, built and installed all of the special effects and animatronics. Every element was taken into consideration including video and sound effects, atmospheric scents, emergency lighting and exits, disabled access and security and actors.

ScareCON review the maze:

“Hidden behind industrial theming and barbed wire – the maze has a daunting exterior and even the detailed queue line sets up the story of what is about to happen. Whilst queuing, guests are interviewed “live” by a news correspondent which is relayed through the queue, and the whole are creates a terrifying expectation of what is about to happen. Unfortunately NOTHING could have braced us for what did happen! Having done all the other mazes in the park, we thought we knew what Broadwitch’s style of scaring was but for Biometrix all the rules are off!

This maze was a frenzy of chasing, jumping, grabbing, jostling, leg grabbing, etc. It was so unexpected and was absolute chaos (but in a good way). From beginning to end, we found ourselves just bounced from creature to creature and they all certainly knew how to use the space they were given. Arms and bodies would appear from nowhere and just showed no mercy. Towards the end we completely forgot about our mission to locate and set off the warning beacons (a great interactive touch that brilliantly distracted you so creatures could attack). The whole maze from scenery, actors, noise etc just left us completely shocked. When we finally burst out into daylight again we were genuinely gasping for breath. All in – it’s an incredible attraction and something that Broadditch should be extremely proud of.”

Biometrix was the highlight of the behind the scenes tour at ScareCON’s Aftershock event in November 2015, you can watch the video here https://youtu.be/ASBA_WeGMcw. More photos and videos can be found on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Fear-FX-341080275978205/

22/07/2016 10:24:58
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